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Passport Services

The American Citizen Services (ACS) unit provides passport services, Monday 10:00 - 12:00 and Tuesday through Friday 14:00 - 16:00 (except on American and Tajik holidays), by appointment only.  The average passport processing time is two weeks, but may be slightly longer in some cases, so we urge everyone to renew passports several months before the expiration date.

Emergency passport requests may be processed in extenuating circumstances and in general, do not require an appointment however, before coming to the Embassy you must call the ACS unit to discuss your situation.  Each request for an emergency passport is considered on a case-by-case basis and, if approved, is usually processed within 24 hours.  Emergency passports are limited in validity and cannot be extended. At the completion of the emergency travel, the emergency passport has to be exchanged for a full validity passport. The full validity passport is issued within one year of issuance of the emergency passport at no additional cost if the applicant submits the emergency passport for cancellation.

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Which passport application form should I use?

Form DS-82 

Adult applicant, to renew a passport when the applicant's previous passport was issued less than 15 years ago. If the applicant was a minor when the previous passport was issued a DS-11 must be submitted; fee = $110 USD.

Form DS-11

  • Minor (under age 16); fee = $105 USD;
  • First time adult (16 year and older); fee = $135 USD;
  • If your previous passport was issued 15 +years ago;
  • If your previous passport was issued while a minor;
  • To replace a valid lost, stolen or mutilated passport.

 Required Documentation

All passport applicants must provide:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (i.e. previous passport, U.S. birth certificate, naturalization certificate, and/or consular report of birth abroad).
  • Two 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm) photos with a white background taken within the past 6 months.

NOTE: There are additional requirements for minors (under age 16 years) and lost, stolen, and mutilated passports application, see the list below.

Special requirements for children (under age 16 years)

In addition to the required documentation listed above, the following are also required to process passport applications for children under age 16.

1.  Both parents are required to accompany minor applicants to the Embassy.  If one parent is not in country, the applying parent must provide one of the following documents to explain the absence of the other parent:

  • Notarized Form (DS-3053) from the absent parent which gives permission to the present parent to apply for their child. 
  • Evidence of sole custody of the child (divorce decree, death certificate, etc.)

2. Evidence of child's relationship to parents/guardians; original birth certificate with parents' names, consular report of birth abroad (CRBA), adoption decree with adopting parents' names. These documents must in English or translated into English. Copies are not acceptable.

3. Parents must provide proof of their identity; passport or a government issued picture identification card or naturalization certificate may be presented.

Special requirements for lost, stolen and mutilated passports

In addition to the required documentation listed above, to replace a valid lost, stolen or mutilated passport the applicant must complete and submit:

  • Form DS-64, Statement of a Lost or Stolen Passport.  If the passport is mutilated or destroyed, submit a signed written statement to explain the passport's appearance.  
  • If available, a copy of the lost/stolen/mutilated passport, birth certificate, CRBA, or naturalization certificate.
  • A police report may be requested.  If so, an English translation is also required. 
  • Application fee = adults $135 USD; minors $105 USD

Note: Passports reported as lost/stolen are no longer valid for travel, and must not be used for travel, even if subsequently found.  Anyone found using a reported lost or stolen passport might be questioned or possibly detained by border authorities.

Applicants who travel extensively may request a 52 page passport.  Simply check the "52 page book (non-standard)" box at the top of your passport application form and a 52 page passport will be issued for no additional charge.