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U.S. Embassy Donates Vehicles and Equipment to Tajikistan’s Border Guards

February 1, 2013

The United States Embassy in Dushanbe, Export Control and Related Border Security program (EXBS) and Office of Military Cooperation (OMC) provided twenty-two All - Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s), thirty-three light trucks and additional tactical equipment to the Government of Tajikistan. The ATV’s will be distributed to border posts throughout Tajikistan to assist Border Guard units in their efforts to combat contraband from entering and transiting the country.  The light trucks and tactical equipment will similarly benefit Border Guard detachments, outposts, and units, increasing their capacity for securing the Tajik border from external threats.  

Deputy Chief of Mission, Sarah Penhune participated in a donation ceremony at the Border Guard Facility in Dushanbe.  Ms. Penhune remarked, “The United States Government shares the goals of the Government of Tajikistan to combat the threat of contraband and drug trafficking and recognizes that keeping Tajikistan’s borders secure is a national priority.  The Border Guards are the first line of defense for Tajikistan from external threats, and they are frequently required to carry out this important work with limited resources, in very difficult terrain, and often during very challenging weather conditions.  The U. S. Embassy EXBS and OMC programs are pleased to assist the Border Guard in their efforts to combat the threat of contraband and drug trafficking.”

The U.S. Embassy will continue to support the Border Guards through a partnership between U.S. Agencies in order to provide enhanced equipment, training and infrastructure improvements. Valued at over $1.8 million dollars equipment and vehicles donated today by the U.S. Embassy will add significantly to the Government of Tajikistan’s border security capabilities.  

These vehicles and equipment are part of the many assistance projects the U.S. Embassy implements in Tajikistan on behalf of the American people.  Since 1992, the American people have provided more than $1 billion dollars in assistance programs that support the economic growth, democratic institutions, health care, education and security systems of Tajikistan.