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Press Releases 2010

U.S. Embassy Brings Native American Performance Group To Tajikistan

October 15, 2010
Since 1991, The United States Government has worked to strengthen the relationship between the people of the Unites States and Tajikistan. (U.S. Embassy Dushanbe)

The musicians performed unique Native-American ritual dances for Tajik audiences at Bactria Cultural Center, October 15, 2010.

Tajikistan: The U.S. Embassy funded the visit of Buffalo Big Mountain (BBM) and his 3 colleagues - Bluejay Littlejohn, James Arthur White Wolf Big Mountain, and Sabastain Snowsnake Big Mountain from October 10-16, and sponsored a series of workshops, speaking engagements, and performances in Dushanbe, Sughd and Khatlon. The musicians not only performed their unique Native-American ritual dances for Tajik audiences, but also collaborated with Tajik folklore masters and students.

BBM began their program in Dushanbe with a jam session with local musicians at the Gurminj Museum the evening of October 10. On the morning of October 11, they performed at a public high school in Sarband and in the afternoon, they performed at the American Corner in Qurghon-Teppa for 30 participants of the U.S. Embassy's English Access Microscholarship Program, which provides free English language classes for disadvantaged youth. .

On October 12, the group traveled to the Sughd region where they performed at the square in front of the Asiri Public Library of Khujand, where the American Corner is located. On October 13 and October 14, BBM met with participants of the U.S. Embassy’s English Access Microscholarship classes and alumni of different USG-sponsored programs in Kanibadam, Istaravshan and Ghonchi.

The students also got a chance to speak with the performers and demonstrate their knowledge of English and American history. On October 15, BBM performed at Bactria Cultural Center and at the 800th Anniversary of Moscow Square in Dushanbe. Many people in Tajikistan have only seen Native Americans in movies, and these performances gave audience members a chance to see and speak to real representatives of a different culture.

Since 1991, The United States Government has worked to strengthen the relationship between the people of the Unites States and Tajikistan. The U.S. Embassy’s Educational and Cultural programs promote cross cultural understanding through music, art, education and cultural exchange. Each year, approximately 340 Tajik students study in the United States, and more than 170 Tajik citizens go to the United States on U.S. Government funded programs such as FLEX, JFDP, MUSKIE, TEA, UGRAD, Community Connections, IVLP and Fulbright.

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